System Progressive Protection Fake Tool Attacks US Home PCs

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System Progressive Protection is back! Although security experts believed that this tool has already demonstrated its strength and power over vulnerable computers, it seems that the infection is again trying to dominate over PCs, and this time it is aimed at infecting gamers` machines. More than 100 000 computers in the USA were reported to have been compromised. A peak in the number of infected computers that belong to gamers is registered, and System Progressive Protection is responsible for the infection of many of the machines. Users whose computers have been affected by this infection complain of the serious problems this malicious tool causes.

Many calls were received in our office from people whose machines have been infected with this scam tool. It seems that their number is increasing every hour, and System Progressive Protection successfully manages to enter targeted computers and steal money from the users. Security specialists report that this the virus accomplishes by using malicious video codecs. Most often, a user is misled into believing he can see some interesting video only if a special codec is downloaded. The video has a shocking and attractive title that promises to show amazing moments from a famous game. Usually the name of a well-known computer game is mentioned in the title of the video. Among the mentioned games are Call of Gods, Gate to Heavens, City of Heroes, Dark Legends and some others.

As this infection does not seem to have decided to stop its persistent attacks to PCs, gamers should be aware of its symptoms and the way in which this infection acts to scare users. However, not only game-lovers, but also other computer users should know more about this attacker. In this way, security specialists hope to reduce the number of infected machines. "If people are more concerned about the safety of their own computers, it will be easier to stop System Progressive Protection", they say.

Since System Progressive Protection has first been reported to have started attacking computers in September this year, this aggressive and really harmful virus is reported to show similar symptoms to other scamware applications. Symptoms reported on infected gamers` computers do not make any exclusion. This infection is known to enter machines through vulnerabilities in their systems and programs. The scam tool disguises itself and comes to computers together with fake programs and malicious updates. Also, it is promoted on compromised web pages that lure users into believing they are about to download a reliable and effective AV tool, but, in fact, they transfer this fake software to their PCs.

The malicious application is configured to start together with Windows and once the system loads, it runs a scan of the infected computer without asking for the user`s permission. After the scan is completed, the victim is told that his machine is seriously infected, and it is about to crash if he does not buy the registered version of System Progressive Protection. To make the things seem even worse, the bogus tool uses aggressive techniques and bombards the user with false warnings and pop-up messages. All of them tell the user about critical system errors, which cannot be fixed without the registered version of the fake software.

Even if the damages caused by this infection has been underestimated before, security specialists now state that its attacks are really harmful and as their number is rising dramatically, people should pay special attention to the security of their information and computers and put all their efforts into making it impossible for this intruder to steal details and money. Till now, more than $ 130 000 are reported to have been stolen.

The reason why this infection, which seems harmless at first sight, is so dangerous, is that it targets personal and financial information the user has on his PC or enters on different web pages. System Progressive Protection is interested in stealing all kinds of personal details – credit card numbers, details about user accounts, passwords, etc. Experts say that if this information becomes accessible to hackers, they would not hesitate to use it for malicious purposes or sell it to third parties to make a profit. Giving hackers an entrance to your sensitive information can have fatal consequences and should never be permitted.

To protect their machines from this serious infection gamers should never submit any information to it, as well as they should not pay any money to it. Instead, they have to clean their machines immediately. To be sure that no information will be lost, it is recommended to use an automated malware removal tool. First, make sure that the program you are going to download and install is genuine and really effective. Then, scan the infected PC with its help to detect and remove any compromised files and folders. Automated tools will also fix the computer registry for you if there are any unwanted changes and modifications that have been made to it.

“These persistent attacks to gamers` computers should stop, and they should stop now!” computer specialists from leading security companies claim. This has to be done without delay, because otherwise System Progressive Protection will take control over the machines, and no one knows when its malicious actions will stop. For this reason, all PC users have to make sure they do anything possible to protect their machines and decrease their vulnerability.

Security specialists advise gamers to scan their PCs regularly for infected files and threats. Never to use programs that are out-of-date or downloaded from unreliable and insecure pages. Not to visit insecure sites, and never to share their information on unknown pages or with illegal applications.

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