FBI Moneypak Ransomware is Spreading Lightning Fast

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FBI Moneypak marked one of the greatest peaks in the number of infected computers, security specialists reported yesterday. More than 10,000 computers were compromised in less than 24 hours, and this was the cause for a complete shock among PC users. Most affected were gamers. Their computers represented almost 60% of the infected machines. This was the reason for specialists from leading security companies to make a statement in which they appealed to computer users to do anything necessary to increase the protection of their machines and thus stop the attacks of anonymous cyber criminals and their harmful creation FBI Moneypak.

The first attacks of FBI Moneypak were reported in June this year, and since then this harmful infection proved many times its malicious and really tricky nature. Although specialists warned users about this scam application, which comes disguised as a reliable message sent by FBI, this did not stop the attacks of the virus. On the contrary, despite all the efforts of the police to let people know more about this deceitful infection, FBI Moneypak seems to gain even more power. Now its strength becomes an indisputable fact after so many computers have been infected with this scam tool. From the first moment this malicious message started infecting PCs, its layout can easily beguile computer users into believing it is really sent by FBI. This warning is a WinLocker infection, and it locks your whole system, telling you it has done this because of your illegal actions. You are accused of spreading illegal videos or copyrighted content. To unlock the PC, the user is asked to pay a fee of $100.

When your PC is infected with FBI Moneypak, it is locked and no information, files or folders can be accessed. This makes it almost impossible to remove this harmful attacker from your computer, because your system cannot be accessed and the virus cannot be stopped or deleted. Users of computers infected with this malicious tool comment that when the infection enters their machines, it becomes absolutely impossible to enter any system files and the impossibility to remove the attacker from the computer really frightens the users. On the infected machine, the only thing that can be seen is the FBI message.

Security specialists are really concerned about the persistent attacks of FBI Moneypak, because removal of this infection from computers turns out to be a really difficult task. Because the system is locked, the computer`s registry cannot be accessed, and the virus cannot be removed, as well as it is impossible to delete its files. For this reason, one of the only possible ways to delete FBI Moneypak from infected machines is to use automated security software. Security experts explain that if the victim uses such software to remove the infection, there is no risk of losing the information stored on the compromised machine.

"Trying to remove this infection from a compromised computer manually hides a really high risk of losing important information and deleting essential system files. This may lead to a computer crash, which can be fatal" security experts comment. However, they tell people not to be scared if their machines are compromised with this ransomware infection, because there is still a solution for this problem. It is recommended that victims of this serious and harmful infection install and use a reliable AV tool to get rid of the virus. “This will save users time, and it will guarantee them that FBI Moneypak will be removed completely” specialists say.

Online security is a responsibility of all PC users, and this is why the attacks of FBI Moneypak should not be underestimated. It is not easy to stop cyber criminals, because they never disclose their names and stay anonymous while attacking PCs. A year ago, stopping cyber criminals was not so difficult, because FBI blocked the payment methods of hackers and made it not possible for them to receive any money, even if users of infected PCs had paid the fee. Now cyber criminals have again created a new way of taking users` money and this makes it much more difficult for the police to catch them. For this reason, the only way to protect our information from their malicious plan is to make it impossible for hackers to penetrate into our computers.

Security specialists advise users to pay special attention to the security application they use. It is important for it to be genuine and effective. Users should schedule regular scans of their systems with this tool and make sure that there are no threats or infected files.

Experts say that vulnerabilities in outdated programs are also used by hackers to transfer their scam tools to targeted machines, and this is why applications should be updated regularly. In fact, scamware, rogueware and malware infections are promoted mainly on insecure and compromised web pages. For this reason, experts explain that visiting only reliable sites and downloading only genuine and well-known tools will make it much more difficult for cyber criminals to spread FBI Moneypak.

These tips may seem simple and may be often overlooked, but security specialists are sure that if they are observed, the number of infected computers will be reduced, and there will be less security problems. This is the only way to stop FBI Moneypak from stealing money and personal information.

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