Dishonored – A Real Candidate for Game of the Year

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Dishonored has all the chances to become a game of the year, statistics show. This new game continues attracting new admirers, and now it makes its way to the UK. The game seems to be a revolution in the game world with its innovative plot and conception. Since its release in October, this year, Dishonored has become one of the most sold action-adventure games, and this is proven by the fact that even before its official release, the game was reported to be one of the best selling games. Now, when the game is already in sale, it takes the second place after FIFA 13 in the UK, which is a remarkable success for a new game.

Arkane Studios, which developed the game, set it in the city of Dunwall, where the bodyguard of the empress seeks revenge after being accused of her murder. The city is shown in imaginary time, and it is seen as “contemporary and cold”. The graphic design is really impressive and without any doubt captures the eye of the gamer. The creators of the game have decided to give voice only to other characters, not the main character, which raises many questions.

Despite the fact that the game has a common story about revenge, it holds the player and does not let him go before he knows what will happen in the end. This is maybe one of the reasons why this game gains so much popularity. The action of the game offers the player to choose in his missions from many different options. You can choose between massive fights and stealth approach. This makes the game really flexible and provides the user with numerous choices. However, all missions should be accomplish without committing a murder.

Dishonored presented itself very well without any doubt, and it gains many admirers with its scenes and tactics. Of course, we should not forget to mention the music of the game, which contributes to the capturing and magnificent atmosphere of Dishonored.

Having in mind that in this game the player cannot kill its enemies, critics did not believe that this game will attract the attention of game-lovers. Although the success of the game was disputed, the game proved the opposite, and now it has become a pretender for the first place when it comes to sales in the UK.

This Xbox 360 Platform game, which can be also played on PlayStation 3 and Windows, appears ahead of Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs and is believed to continue leading in sales in comparison to other games which are seen after it in the UK sales chart. Xbox 360 is reported to have been chosen as a console for 60 per cent of the sales of Dishonored. The game was first released in North America on October 9, and then expanded to Spain, Australia, UK and Europe. Game reporters say that sales figures are probably going to change in favor of Dishonored, and it is going to see more sales in the next days, and they are quite sure about this.

The only advise critic can give to Dishonored is to add new missions to make the game even more exciting and capturing. This will gain the attention of players without any doubt.

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