Claws for Cash Through, Stock Rises THQ, Inc. (NASDAQ:TQHI)

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Yesterday THQ, Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI) put a package of its biggest hits up for sale for as little as $1, through the platform.

It’s blatantly clear that THQI is so desperate for money that it is willing to not just discount but go ’pay what you want’ for virtually all of its hit titles older than a year. Right now, you can buy 6 games worth $100 for as little as a single dollar, and you’ll also get five official DRM-free soundtracks to go with them. This is obviously insane value, even for people who already have some of the games on offer.

The sale looks like it may turn out to be great news for gamers and investors alike. At the time of writing the counter on the site reads over 364 thousand bundles sold and a little over $2 million in payments. The default split of is 65% to THQ, 20% to charity and 15% to HumbleBundle Inc., but customers can use the sliders to distribute the money in any way they want. The site also lists the top contributor names and right now Mr. Jason Rubin, THQI’s president, is topping the chart with his $1,050.

The financial situation of the company is no secret and some investors may actually see this move as a positive thing. If the effort racks up enough money, the announced private placement of equity may at worst be contained and dilute THQI stockholders less, or at best – be avoided altogether.

The company stock reacted positively to the Humble Bundle news and THQI closed up a solid 37.9% yesterday, at a more respectable $1.49 per share.

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