Mystart Incredibar Adware on the Rise

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MyStart by IncrediBar is reported to have been installed on numerous gamers’ computers lately and to have managed to sneak into their systems and take control over their browsers. Although this intruder is known not to be a computer virus, security specialists describe it as a serious threat to the security of users’ information and systems. This browser hijacker manipulates the search results and displays numerous advertisements. It does not provide safe search results and increases the number of compromised and suspicious web pages visited by the user. This makes it an unwanted program, which is recommended to be removed as soon as possible.

It seems that due to the large number of users who play online games, now this browser hijacker has  targeted PCs on which games are running. It is known that most of the victims whose machines are hijacked play Diablo 3, Neverwinter, and StarCraft. There are also PCs on which Dishonored and WAR2 Glory are played.

This toolbar is known to be created by Perion Network Ltd. It has three versions – essential, games and music. Often, when this toolbar is installed on a PC, it comes together with other products developed by the company like PhotoJoy, Dr. CleanUp, Incredimail and others. All of these applications have suspicious reputation, and it is really difficult to remove them once they get into your PC.

Many of the users are not quite sure how MyStart by IncrediBar has gained access to their machines, but security specialists give an answer to this question.

"This browser add-on has come to gamers` computers together with other applications, most often fake video codecs or program updates", experts explain.

It is offered as an optional installer together with other tools, but often users do not pay attention that the confirmation box next to the name of this toolbar is ticked by default. This is how this browser hijacker manages to gain access to computers.

If a PC has been hijacked by this intruder, its user notes some unexpected changes in his browser and settings. Here is what David, a 23-year-old lover of World of Heroes, says about MyStart "I do not remember installing the toolbar myself. I just opened my browser, and there it was – it had changed everything on my browser and started taking all my search results to".

David uses Google Chrome, but this is not the only browser to which MyStart can be attached. Many of the users who have found this toolbar on their browsers are known to use MozillaFireFox, Internet Explorer and also other search engines. The extension changes the homepage to IncrediBar. When a person is looking for some information online, all his results are taken to

Moreover, after this add-on is installed it starts bombarding the user with annoying advertisements and messages. Security specialists are concerned about the legitimacy and reliability of these pop-up windows. "It is hard to know whether the pages to which the user is taken after clicking on such a message are safe, or not" they say.

Experts are worried that the presence of this toolbar on computers poses a great risk to the security of the systems and files. In case that people happen to be redirected to compromised web pages or sites that promote scam software, their computers will be immediately attacked by hackers. Cyber criminals would do anything to open backdoors in the systems of targeted PCs and manage to infiltrate infections in the machines. If cyber criminals have access to a PC, this means that they will immediately steal any personal information, online registration credentials and passwords, bank account and credit card numbers. Victim’s money will be stolen right from his bank account even without his knowledge.

These serious security threats are the reason why computer specialists are so worried about the presence of MyStart on so many gamers’ computers.

Another proof that this browser add-on has to be removed immediately is that some AV programs detect its presence and classify it as a Trojan horse or unwanted program. In security scan results, the files of IncrediBar are detected as TROJ_ENCPK_0000009.TOMA and Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.Suspicious.B. It is obvious that this tool is suspicious.

Experts recommend removing the toolbar immediately otherwise your computer may become vulnerable to attacks of hackers and their deceitful infections. Specialists from leading security labs warn that “it is essential to delete the browser extension as soon as possible before it is too late and your information and money have been already stolen".

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