Stock Affected by Sandy Hook Shooting Aftermath?

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All of the U.S. as well as the whole world is still in shock after the horrendous school shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary, Connecticut. It seems certain media are willing to spin the facts in a way that seems to affect game companies such as Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI).

After the horror at Sandy Hook Elementary, many were also worried the aftermath would affect them – from doomsday preppers, to shareholders in gunmaker companies, to shareholders of game stocks. British tabloids virtually placed the blame for the tragedy on Call of Duty, a game reportedly played extensively by the shooter.

Gun manufacturers stocks plunged as the American nation hurried to stockpile on guns in fear of stricter laws. ATVI stock, which has been doing reasonably well after recovering from a 6-month low in mid-November, took a bit of a nose dive as well. ATVI lost $0.30 over the last two sessions. How much of that was caused by cringing investors, who feared that linking Activision's ubiquitous cash-cow with mass murder will hurt their position, is not too clear.[banner]

The Washington Post published a rather interesting scatter chart displaying the link between video games and firearm murders, or rather the lack of one, as well as another chart with some interesting per-capita graphs of gun ownership. The charts speak for themselves and should have a reassuring effect on anyone who thinks the next installment of Call of Duty will never see the light of day or that the publisher will be sued into billions of settlement charges.

The U.S. government may be better off working towards launching good parenting programs and filtering the availability of military-grade firearms instead of going on witch-hunts against manufacturers and game developers.

Whatever disturbance ATVI stock may have gone through in the aftermath of the largely unrelated tragedy will probably settle down soon enough.

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