Claro Search Malware Found on Gamers’ PCs

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Claro Search has managed to sneak into numerous gamers' computers and cause serious problems, security specialists report. This toolbar, which seems to be a reliable and even helpful browser add-on, turns out to be a serious troublemaker. Computer experts warn that it is necessary to remove the application immediately, and no time should be wasted because the presence of the tool on a PC poses a great risk to the system and the privacy of the user.

The process of transferring Claro Search to computers often stays unnoticed by users. It is reported that usually this toolbar comes to PCs as a free installation file and is downloaded with other programs. People often do not notice that they have to untick a box next to the name of the toolbar in order not to install the software. This installation process turns out to be a really cunning way of transferring Claro Search to numerous computers all over the world, and this is a really serious security problem, specialists explain.

Game-lovers who have noticed this toolbar to be attached to their browsers complain that since it has been on their PCs, playing online games has become almost impossible. “I cannot play because there are numerous advertisement popping up on the screen, and the toolbar keeps redirecting me to some pages unknown to me” Peter, a 17 years old player of Diablo 3 says.

Also, there are other serious problems this intruder causes, and they pose a risk to all the users' personal and financial information. Claro Search redirects the person to unknown and insecure pages. Probably most of them are created by cyber criminals to spread bogus and scam software and make money. This is a commonly used method of hackers used to spread their dangerous and malicious creations and steal sensitive data and money from PC users.

The toolbar also produces pop-up advertisements and annoying online messages. The user is only one click away from bogus and compromised web pages, which will immediately download malware, scamware, keyloggers and many other viruses to his PC.

“Claro Search is not a virus, but it turns out to be the perfect tool in the hands of online criminals”, security specialists comment. They are really worried about the invasion of this tool, and most of all they are concerned about the presence of the toolbar on so many PCs that belong to gamers.

“Penetrating into a gamer's computer is a really cunning technique, because gamers generate high online traffic and the possibility of taking them to compromised and insecure pages and infecting their PCs increases dramatically”, experts from security labs say. This is why the risk of finding your PC infected with dangerous and really harmful viruses is really high and security specialists warn users to remove Claro Search as soon as possible.

As the efforts of cyber criminals to enter vulnerable computers and steal users' data are becoming almost unstoppable, the first thing every PC user has to do is install a genuine and reliable AV program. The application you install has to be effective and be able to protect your computer from viruses developed by cyber criminals.

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