TDSS Rookits Zombifying Gamers

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Rootkit.TDSS.v2 has targeted gamers' computers and is trying to make it easier for hackers to spread their malicious and dangerous creations. This was recorded in the last reports of specialists from leading security labs all around the world. Experts are concerned about the safety of PCs, as the increased number of machines on which this rootkit is present contributes for the infection of many new computers.

It is known about Rootkit.TDSS.v2 that it is a new member of the Rootkit.TDSS family, which contains only malicious and really harmful computer attackers. This infection is spread to PCs thanks to Trojan horses and uses vulnerabilities in installed programs to enter systems. Usually users even do not know about the presence of this intruder on their machines, and this is also how this virus acts on gamers' PCs.

"I don't know how this infection has made its way to my computer because I have an AV installed, it seems to have entered without my permission and confirmation", this is what John Bennington says, a computer user who loves playing Dungeon Fighter Online and spends most of his time playing this game or looking for some news about the latest online games.

John is not the only user who has become a victim of this serious and really cunning infection. There are many other people that say they have experienced problems in launching their AV tools and even using their PCs. Most of the users are reported to have Rootkit.TDSS.v2 on their computers.

The infection resides in the background and does not disclose its presence. However, at the same time it impedes the work of the compromised PC. It changes and damages important system files, blocks genuine programs and does not allow them to start, causes an unexpected system shut down and restart.

Not only is this attacker able to take full control over the system, but it can even lead to a fatal system crash and loss of all the data stored on the infected PC. Moreover, security specialists who have examined the behavior of this dangerous virus warn that it opens security holes in the protection of attacked computers. This makes it possible for other computer viruses to break into the PC and steal all the user's personal and financial information.

“Hackers would do anything to enter a user's computer and steal his money and information, and this is exactly what Rootkit.TDSS.v2 makes possible”, experts say. The presence of this virus, also known as tidserv, means that all the user's details are targeted and probably will be soon stolen by cyber criminals. This is why people should act quickly and immediately remove this virus from their machines.

The most effective way to remove this infection and protect your system from future attacks of malicious software is to use a genuine and reliable AV program and scan your system with it. This is what computer experts with years of experience advise, and they insist on getting rid of the virus without any delay before it has gained access to user's bank accounts or credit cards.

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