NVidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) Project Shield Praised, Showcases New Tegra 4

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Since its recent release of the Project Shield handheld gaming system, NVidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), has basked in the soft glow of awards that kept coming its way. The general consensus seems to be that Project Shield is a winner for the company.

Android gaming, while entertaining, has been hindered by the limitations of touch controls and the restraints on game design stemming from them. Despite the efforts of some other companies to come up with a successful meld of a physical controller and an android platform, it seems NVidia's Project Shield is going to be the most successful effort at bridging this gap.

The Shield is currently the fastest mobile gaming console available, powered by NVDA's new and decidedly awesome Tegra 4 SoC. With a six-fold increase of cores over the Tegra 3, an optional 4G LTE i500 processor, as well as HDR capability for both photos and video recording, the Tegra 4 is a formidable powerhouse.[banner]

Project Shield won NVidia a slew of awards at CES 2013, including a number of 'best of show' awards from mobile-related publications. In addition to obviously being supercharged, the system allows you to play Android games, as well as stream content from your PC so you can enjoy your daily dose of controller-enabled game XYZ while in your comfy chair or lying on your couch. The unit features an HDMI output as well as Micro SD external storage.

NVidia's stock took a bit of a tumble over the last few sessions but the predictions for support at $12 per share came true, even a bit early. The stock stopped slipping and closed a fraction of a percent up yesterday, settling at $12.23 per share.

Project Shield is not priced yet and even though it looks like a very solid and needed addition to a world of mobile games plagued by tacky touch controls for years, it's more likely to serve as the launch platform for NVDA's new Tegra 4. The Tegra 3 is present in many of the top-tier smartphones and tablets of today, so there is a world of possibilities before the new iteration of the chip.

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