Sub-Penny Stocks - Big Volume Movers

Posted by Todor Pichurov, Jan 15, 2013 15:20

Yesterday's markets saw several sub-penny stocks generate large changes in both volume and percentile movement. Here is a quick look at the biggest movers.

Axiologix Education Corp. (PINK:AXLX) climbed a solid 75% up to a close of $0.0014 per share, or an increase of $0.0006. More than 190 million shares were traded in the process.

RightSmile Inc. (PINK:RIGH) bounced up and down several times over the day, to come to its previous close of $0.0002 per share. Still, the company generated a volume of 115 million shares traded.

Tranzbyte Corp. (PINK:ERBB) managed a percentile move up of 35%. The stock settled at a close of $0.0054 per share, an increase of $0.0014. Over 112 million shares changed hands in the process.

Entest Biomedical, Inc. (PINK:ENTB) enjoyed the biggest percentile move of 90% up to a close of $0.0019 per share, on 109 million shares traded.

Health Sciences Group, Inc. (PINK:HESG) had a bad run, closing down 50% and settling at a dreary $0.0001 at the bell. Over 83 million HESG shares were traded in the last session.

Southridge Enterprises Inc. (PINK:SRGE), tagged with the Buyer Beware symbol on, closed over 67% down to reach $0.0018 by the bell. Over 74 million company shares changed hands.

Drake Gold Resources, Inc. (PINK:DKGR) had shifted up and down twice through the trading session, to settle back at the previous close of $0.0003, on a volume of 97 million shares traded.

In other news, Vuzix Corporation (OTC:VUZI) recently unveiled its M100 Smart Glasses during their participation in the International Consumer Electronics Show. The product was named one of the top 5 most expected gizmos at the CES, as seen by CNBC.

VUZI stock caught a nice updraft from $0.06 to $0.11 in early January but then slipped down to settle around seven and a half cents per share. In yesterday's session Vuzix closed a fraction of a percent up at $0.076 per share.

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