Clumsy Ninja Trending Up on the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store

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A new app is making waves on the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) app store. NaturalMotion's Clumsy Ninja was put on hold for quite a while but finally hit the U.S. division of the app store this November. The cute character is getting a lot of love from mobile gamers as it's quickly climbing the app charts.

The freemium app clocked 10 million downloads in its launch week. As with most hugely popular games, Clumsy Ninja is free to download and play, with an in-game store that allows for the purchase of progress-boosting items priced between $2.99 and $29.99.[banner]

According to app statistics furnished by Distimo, Clumsy Ninja recently headed the weekly free chart on the app store. It has also clambered its way to the weekly top #30 grossing application on Apple's store. Considering the short time since release, this is a commendable feat for the developers. It's worth noting that Apple had to an extent singled out the game to be a hit, showcasing it as early as autumn 2012 at an iPhone 5 media event. Clumsy Ninja was also the first game to get an embedded video on its app store page, so this special treatment probably affected the game's success as well.

NaturalMotion previously developed the Euphoria animation engine which was used in triple-A titles including Rockstar's $100-million Grand Theft Auto 4. The same engine now powers the animations of the ninja that are the main attraction of the game.

Even though there are concerns about the longevity of gameplay and involvement of paying players, the devs can extend the game indefinitely, or at least as long as they come up with new ideas and locations. Distimo charts show that daily downloads are slowing down but daily ranking are starting to pick up once again. It remains to be seen how the product fares in the future and whether player involvement grows and propels the little ninja further up the grossing charts.

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