Ouya set to make the free-to-try model optional for developers

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Ouya is going to allow developers to choose whether they want their games to have a free-to-try model in the upcoming weeks. The free-to-try model means that if a game is to be available on Ouya, it must have a free demo. This is mandatory at the moment on Ouya.

In a recent blog post at the company's website, Bob Mills explained that this looked like the obvious choice for their open platform, which launched last summer. However, developers have been appealing for a paid option even before the platform's launch, claiming that they want the freedom to choose how their games are made available.

While free-to-try was great for the consumers, some developers proved to be struggling with this demand. Some felt that it did not make sense to make a demo for their game or did not know how to make one good enough, while others simply had budgetary concerns.

Mills explains that the company takes the developers' concerns seriously. He says, Ouya wants to support developers and get their games to gamers. While, in the beginning, Ouya felt that the best option for gamers was to let them try a game first, this proved not to be in the best interest of developers. This is why, the company has decided to make the free-to-try model optional.

Mills claims that this is a step in the right direction. "We are clearing another roadblock," he says. This will make more games available on the platform.

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