Pure Chess Set for an April 15 Release on the PS4

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The popular game is going to be available for Sony's latest console later this month. Pure Chess has been developed by VooFoo Studios, and it was initially released on two other consoles belonging to Sony, the PS3 and PlayStation Vita. The game launch for the PS4 is the next step in the expansion of Pure Chess. Last month, it was made available for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

The basic version for the game will cost $7.99 while consumers will also be able to purchase The Complete Edition for $14.99. This will provide with additional locations and the opportunity to set your own theme.

The version of the game for PS4 is not just a simple port. Players will receive improved graphics provided with Full HD resolution and Stereostopic 3D support.

The launch for the PS4 is a part of the company's goal to make it available for as many platforms as possible. The game can also be played on iOS and Android devices. In march, it was announced that players will be able to play chess against each other on a cross-platform basis. This means that you can play against other players regardless of what device you are using.

The Pure Chess Complete Edition for the PS4 will provide with the Forest, Easter Island, Battalion, Park, and Halloween packs. It will also include 3 tournaments and 100 bonus chess puzzles.

The game provides neat features like tutorials for each skill level. So even if you are a novice at chess, you can learn quickly. And if you are in a competitive spirit, you can go against players in the leaderboards, or you can just play with your friends.

Ripstone, the publisher of Pure Chess, describes the game on its website as "[The game that] puts other chess games in checkmate! Experience one of the oldest known boardgames on the advanced technology of today. With ultra-realistic visuals you can almost reach out and touch the pieces. Pure Chess is a game that can be played by everyone, at any age, but mastered by only a few. Are you a Grandmaster in the making?"

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