The Last of Us coming to PS4 with a remastered version

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In a recent interview for PlayStation Access, Evan Wells, Naughty Dog co-president, shared that players are to expect improved graphics from the 2013 smash hit game among other features.

"The graphic fidelity has been turned up to eleven. We've got 1080p, we're pushing the draw distances further, we're creating higher resolution character models, better lighting, better shadows," he said.

The game was officially announced on April 10. Yesterday we even got to see a little tease of how the game will look for PS4. And it is nothing short of stunning. Naughty Dog is reportedly aiming for 60 fps for the remastered version, however, nothing official has been announced as of yet.

What is quite interesting is that Naughty Dog began work on the new game immediately after it completed the original for PS3. They had received many queries from fans about whether they will be able to play it on the new console, which Naughty Dog had expected. So they started developing it. "We weren't sure whether it was going to go anywhere, but when we saw the fans clamoring for it we doubled-down, and put more effort behind it," he added.

The Last of Us Remastered will provide the whole package. Users will receive the Left Behind DLC, as well as all the multiplayer modes and additional maps. The retail price for the game will be $60, and it will be released sometime this summer.

Naughty Dog is currently focusing on the latest installment of Uncharted for PlayStation 4 as the "lion's share" of their developers are working on that game. There is currently no word on any other projects that the studio may be working on.

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