‘Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition’ provides with stellar co-up action

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'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition' is coming to the PlayStation 4 pretty soon. This title is a combination of Diablo III and its expansion Reaper of Souls. This brings the ultimate package for fans of the game on the latest Sony console and then some. With this game, you can defeat Diablo and Death on your own or with your friends via online multiplayer or local co-op.

The co-op mode is completely new for Diablo. It provides with the opportunity to play with your friends on the same console. This is quite appealing for the PlayStation audience and Sony themselves as they have been desperate for a good RPG for their latest console for some time. It has been reported that the co-op mode brings a whole new experience for gamers and that, in some ways, it is superior to the multiplayer on the PC.

Gamers can try a vast number of character combinations that will compliment one another. This can make for some quite effective combat. The new game will pin players against swarms of enemies that they have to defeat as is traditional for the Diablo title. The console game, however, will also add a combat roll to the characters' abilities – something the PC version lacks. This means that the new version heavily relies on action. It will also transfer the appropriate loot from the slain enemies to the correct player. This eliminates the hardship of constantly trading with your partner.

'Ultimate Evil Edition' has other brand new features, as well. These include mail, gifts, and cross-game monsters. Mail is pretty obvious, so we will not bother explaining it. On to the gifts, then. While playing, you can stumble upon a mystery item that is labeled with one of your friends' names. If you send it to that friend, both of you will get some prize.

An interesting addition are the cross-game monsters. If you battle a powerful monster and it kills you, it can then transfer to the game world of one of your friends. What is more, it will then have a name along the lines of 'Killer of Dave' or something similar, which is quite neat. If your friends kill this enemy, they will get better loot than usual.

'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition' brings a brand new experience for console gamers. It gives the opportunity for players to play with their friends on the same console! It will also allow you to transfer your saves from the original game on your PS3 onto the PlayStation 4 and continue from there.

The game will drop for the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. No official date or price for the game have yet been announced. There is word that a version for the Xbox One is also being developed, but nothing has been confirmed.

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