Google and Apple are now battling it out on the mobile game front

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It is not simply enough to have a powerful device with an awesome camera. The applications that are available for each platform are quite important in the fight for dominance on the mobile mobile device arena. In fact, it is so essential that companies are now competing to get exclusive rights for games.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the top game makers are receiving offers from Google and Apple for top promotion on their app stores in return for certain exclusivity for their titles.

For instance, Plants vs. Zombies 2 was released last August on the iTunes Store, a whole two months before it hit the Google Play store. This was a part of a deal made by the game's publisher Electronic Arts and Apple. The game got heavy promotion on the iTunes Store in return for the two-month run. In October, it was also released for Android.

Another title that got the same treatment by Apple was ZeptoLab's sequel to Cut the Rope. This game was available on iTunes three months before it was made available for Android.

Both companies declined comments on the matter. However, it is somewhat evident what exactly is going on. WSJ explains that it is common for consoles to have exclusive video game titles. However, this is something completely new for the mobile landscape.

 Apple used to dominate mobile gaming when smartphones still a new thing. It was easy for developers as they had to deal only one operating system that was used on all Apple devices. With Android, however, the story is different. There are much more types of phones and tablet PCs made by various manufacturers and run on Android. The problem with this is that they support all kinds of Android version. The older and more low-end phones cannot support the newer versions of the operating system. Even so, Google is still managing to gain some ground on its biggest rival.

A recent report issued by App Annie, an analytics firms, states that the Google Play store has managed to generate more downloads than Apple in the first quarter of 2014. But the iTunes store still managed to make more money. Google received 10 percent more downloads compared to its last quarter. This is 45% more than downloads on iTunes. Even so, Apple still made a whopping 85% more money for these downloads.

What is consistent for both stores is that the bulk of their sales is for games. Mobile games sales make up for 75% of iTunes's revenue, while the same stands at 90% for the Google Play store. Both companies have realised the potential of mobile games and are competing for exclusive titles. What is interesting is that they are not the only ones. The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is also offering developers top promotion on their app store in return for exclusivity.

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