Driveclub Release Date for PS4 Soon to be Announced

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Driveclub is a highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive. It was supposed to be a launch title for the next-gen console. However, it keeps getting pushed back. Last October, it was announced that it was going to be delayed for early 2014. But as of now, not much information has been released for the games since then. PlayStation 4 owners, however, are to expect some good news soon. An update on the game's release date is expected soon.

A recent post on Driveclub's Facebook page said that fans are soon to get a full update on the game's development. The developers are quite proud of how the game is turning out and are confident that gamers will be pleased with the title.

They also thank fans for their continuing enthusiasm and support. The post also says that an official release date, full game details, and new videos are to be expected in the upcoming weeks. It looks like the developers are aiming for a launch in late summer or in the fall – close to a year after its initial release was supposed to take place, – however, this is pure speculation. Official word on the release date is soon to be expected, so you should keep an eye out for that. Hopefully, this time the game will not be delayed further.

Other big news for PlayStation 4 gamers is the release of the console's 1.70 update that will come out tomorrow. This update is will make it far easier for gamers to download pre-ordered games. It will also include the app SHAREfactory. This will provide users with more features when they edit their recorded gameplay.

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