Microsoft will bring Xbox One to China in September

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Xbox One will officially launch in China this September, one year after the local government lifted the ban on foreign-made consoles.

Microsoft is targeting a gaming market comprised of over 500 million gamers. The corporate vice-president of the company stated that "launching Xbox One in China is a significant milestone for us and for the industry."

The software giant even created a joined venture with BesTV New Media Co., an Internet televisions services provider based in China, that should help popularize the console in China.

China has not seen a foreign-made console for 14 years now as the government banned them in 2000. This was claimed to be done in order to protect the mental health of young people. There was only a short-live exception for PlayStation 2.

In order to lift the ban, China gave permission for foreign-funded companies located in a Shanghai trade zone to sell consoles throughout the country. This is a potential gateway for Sony and Nintendo also to enter the market.

Establishing a presence in the Chinese gaming market, however, will not be easy. All games need to be approved by local authorities before they can be sold. As history shows, this will possibly mean that violent games will not be made available.

Another concern for the console giant is the fact that gaming in China is dominated by the PC, which mostly takes place at Internet cafes. Also, local companies like Huawei, ZTE, and TLC are making cheap consoles for around $100 that support Android games.

Even so, BesTV is sure that Xbox one will make an impact and do well in the market. Microsoft has gone so far as to invest $237 million in "in family games and related services" for China and is urging local developers to create games for the console.

The Xbox will not be something new for China as it has been on the black market for quite some time now. The units were bought from Japan and Hong Kong and shipped to China. However, these were also modified so that they can play pirated games. Saving money for gamers, as well as the trouble of smuggling games into the country.

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