New strategy game Spacecom coming later this year

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Spacecom is an upcoming real-time strategy game. Its publisher 11 Bit Launchpad has announced that it is set for a release in the latter half of 2014 and will be available for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, as well as mobile devices.

The minimalistic strategy game was being developed as an after-hours project, but the Steam community has shown some interest in it and has greenlit it.

Here is how it is presented on its web page on the Steam website:

SPACECOM is a hardcore multiplayer meditative strategy game where deception, smart movement and choice of battle decide victory or defeat. It's a minimalistic game design etude on mechanics of real-time tactics and strategy.

The game focuses on the core of what makes strategy and tactical games fun: coming up with a plan, outsmarting, outmaneuvering your opponent and beating his strategy rather than speed of clicking, graphics, tech trees and tons of custom mechanics.

The game offers both single- and multiplayer game modes. The latter option can support up to six players per campaign.

The indie game has been developed by Flow Combine. This studio includes people that have previously worked on creating The Witcher. The game will be presented at this year's E3, so you can expect more details on it, as well as gameplay, in the following days.


11 Bit Launchapad is a subsidiary of 11 Bit Studious responsible for publishing games. The parent company is a game developer. It is famous for the Anomaly franchise, and it has an upcoming survival title called This War of Mine.

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