PS4 Official Update 1.72: What Features Become Better

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PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 have now two new updates. It is common practice for Sony's consoles to issue numerous small updates apart from the major ones. The latest update for PlayStation 4 is update 1.72. It is now available for both Europe and the USA.

The new update for PlayStation 4 is said to be aimed at improving the stability of the software and fixing some bugs. This was disclosed to the players from the official Twitter account of PlayStation. It seems that this is a common update to the console.

As for the PlayStation 3 update, a little patience is needed. The update is 4.60 and it is expected to add stability to the platform.

However, users keep asking themselves when Sony will create an update that does not just fix current bugs, but adds exciting new aspects to the already known features. This is what most of the fans of the platform hope for.

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