Google’s Android Console Controller Presented at I/O 2014

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The Android L Developer Preview has been released for Nexus 5. Also, the software is available for Nexus 7 generation. Along with the new software, a controller exclusively for Android has been created. An image of the first Android game controller made by Google for use with Android TVs was found in Android L.

The image of the controller has been found by a user in one of the system files. The image is said to have been found in the directory "sdk\samples\android-L\androidtv\visual-game-controller\res\drawable-xxhdpi". This controller is expected to give users the opportunity to play games on their TVs.

The controller was presented by Google at I/O 2014 and the opportunities it provides to the players were demonstrated. Pictures of the console controller were also seen on the Google + account of Artem Russakovskii, an attendee at the annual conference. The controller is said to have a directional pad, four LEDs, two thumbsticks, four front buttons, two basic navigation buttons and a home button.

At the Google conference, developers were presented with the Google's Android TV. This is the second attempt of the company at creating Android TV software. The system makes it possible for users to use advanced voice search and also stream movies from popular apps like HBO Go, YouTube, etc.

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