How Would Android TV Compete with Xbox One, PS4

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Android TV is expected to be the first platform designed to launch Google Play Games on TVs. This is not the first time developers are aimed at creating an Android console. Before their new software users were presented with GameStick, an Android-based console-on-a-stick, and the gaming consoles Ouya and M.O.J.O.

Jared Newman reviewed Google's new platform on Time. He highlighted the advantages the new console has over previous creations of developers. Although the success of the previous consoles was some how short-lived, Newman believes that this new console will be much more successful with its new features and the opportunities it gives to its users. The Android TV will be used to stream videos from well-known apps like HBO Go and Netfix, as well as play games developed for mobile devices.

Newman notices that unlike Ouya, which did not manage to attract the attention of many gamers, the new Android TV and console are promising and have all the features necessary for being successful and strengthening their positions on the market. One of the most important characteristics the new device has is its approach towards gaming.

"... it puts a greater emphasis on games than any other device I’ve seen. Instead of being relegated to a sub-menu, games appear on the same main screen as Android TV’s apps and recommendations. When you scroll down to the apps list, the games list pops into view, getting an equal amount of space, so it’s impossible to ignore.", Newman explains in his post. To accomplish the task of integrating gaming hardware into the project, Google have contacted Razer Inc, a company specialized in distributing products to gamers. This once again comes to show the decision of Google to win recognition in the gaming industry.

The first chip to support Android TV is known to be the K1 processor developed by Nvidia. Newman claims that "If Nvidia brings GameStream and Grid to Android TV, it could allow for high-end gaming on cheaper set-top boxes and smart TVs." Moreover, a console that attracts people both with its video streaming options and with the opportunity to play games may turn out to be a real triumph.

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