PS4’s DualShock 4 now compatible with PS3

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Sony introduces new features to DualShock 4. The latest update makes it possible for players to connect to PS3 wirelessly. The devices can be connected via bluetooth and thus there will be no need to use a cable.

The new update turns out to be very easy to use. The process is the following – on PS3 you go to Settings, then open Accessory Settings, go to Manage Bluetooth Devices and open Register New Device. In order to make DualShock 4 visible, you have to press the Share and PS buttons simultaneously. Once you have done this, scan with your PS3 for other devices. After the new device has been found, you will be ready to connect it to the PS3 controller.

You have to know that DualShock 4 cannot be connected at one and the same time both to PS3 and PS4 devices. This is why, to sync with PS4 again, you have to turn off and then on the device and press the PS button in order for the changes to take place.

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