Star Citizen Expected to Reach $ 50 Million Dollars

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Star Citizen's latest update is coming. Figures show that at the end of June, the game campaign reached $47 million dollars. Initially, the game announced a $20 million goal, but it exceeded it.

As a result, the developers are planning to make new additions to the initial plans. "The ongoing funding keeps the project running on the scale it is today, but we're also eager to find ways to improve what we've already planned. We've come up with one for the $50 million goal that we think will truly improve the immersion, and help make Star Citizen a living, breathing world," explained CIG developer Chris Roberts.

The announcement was made for the Roberts Space Industries page. The future expectations for the game include creating an alien language. To do that, developers said they are planning to cooperate with real-world linguists. "Star Citizen's aliens will be speaking their own authentic languages!" the creator commented and confirmed to be really excited about it.

It is known that the last part of the game to be released Arena Commander. In it players can expect flight simulations and even more impressive battles.

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