Swip3 – The First Game Launched For Android Wear Smartwatches

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Swip3 has finally made its way to the Google Play app market. Unit9 Games released the first game for Android Smartwatches. Till now, smartwatches have given their users the opportunity to have some of the main features of an Android phone on their wrists. The special watches are offered from companies like Samsung and Motorola and make it possible for users to receive emails, check their schedule and connect to the social networks.

Now, the new app even brings games to smartwatches. In the game, you can move blocks on the screen with your finger. Blocks have different color. The aim is to put together three or more blocks from the same color. Once you have done that, the connected blocks disappear, so that the screen is again free for new blocks to be displayed.

At the moment, the game can be purchased for $1.69 and you can also download it for your tablet or smartphone. Initially, developers realized that making a game for Android Wear smartwatches would not be so difficult. “We develop mobile games in Unity and wondered if the technology could also be used on the Wear,” commented Unit9 business development manager Steve Brown. This is how the idea about Swip3 was born.

“The game itself is designed so it fits in the tiny screen of a watch and all you have to do is simply swipe your Android Wear with your finger to play. At any point all the user has to do is make a choice: left, down, up or right. And it’s not always obvious which is the best choice,” explained Brown.

The intention of Unit9 is to make Smartwatches have options similar to those that belong to smartphones. This was announced by the company at the I/O development conference in June. This is why creating the first game for Smartwatches is understandable, as games are played by users on both iOS and Android operating system.

Now, users can wait to see what is yet to come as new apps and features for their Smartwatches.

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