GTA 5 DLC Expected To Be PS 4 Exclusive

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GTA 5 is said to be added some new downloadable features. However, this information is till based on rumors. The additions are said to be planned for the PlayStation 4 platform. Still, there is little information about these new features and it is not clarified whether they will be permanently available, or they will be available only for a limited period of time.

According to GTA forums users, in the source code of the game there is evidence found about adding zombies to GTA 5. These conclusions are made on the source code which includes the words “main_ZBM”. Of course, no one can tell if these words actually refer to creating “zombes”, or they are just some other abbreviation. It is still also unknown if this source content will be released at all and added to the official version of the game.

Other new features found by the users include SP DLC new functions and one “norman dlc”. In addition, the Casino DLC, which has been discussed a lot, can be found in the source code. The information seen about it shows that probably there will be more than one casino. Other changes, such as adding pilot school vehicles to the single player mode and some new missions for Trevor and IAA are expected. However, not all of these modifications may be able to make their way to the official release of the game.

This is why GTA players may expect the new edition of the game to see what it will bring to them.

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