DayZ Expected to be Released For PS 4

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It was announced that DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4. This was disclosed by Sony. The announcement was made at the video game conference Gamescom in Germany on Wednesday. At the moment, the game can be downloaded from Steam Early Access and it has been available for more than 8 months now.

At the conference, Dean Hall, Bohemia Interactive game designer said that Sony was working on the new version of DayZ. The game is expected to be launched for PlayStation 4, but the date of the release is still unknown.

The idea about developing a new release of the game suitable for consoles was first disclosed in June. However, for Eurogamer Hall said that they are still waiting to finish the core aspects of the game, before they officially announce there release.

As the PC version of the game is known to be in its alpha stage, it cannot be predicted when the PS 4 edition will come. However, as the game is still under development, it has its glitches. Although the version is still trial, it has more than 2 million copies sold.

The development of the game first begun in August 2012. The alpha version of the game first came on December 13. During the first hour after the release was announced, the title marked more than 19 000 players. Then, in the next 12 hours, there were 88 000 gamers playing the game. The number of the users in the first 24 hours was 172 500.

Creators of the game are New Zealander Hall, while it is developed by Bohemia Interactive. It is intended to be a survivor horror game. Users have to find food, medicine, clothes, etc. to survive. To do that, players have also to find weapons in abandoned places. What is more, the user’s character has to protect himself from other players who are trying to attack him. After three months, Hall uploaded a trailer of the game on YouTube, but still admitted that there is still work on the project.

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