Pokemon Trading Card Game Released For iOS And Apple iPad

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Pokemon Trading Card Game will be launched for iPad in the next weeks. This was disclosed to users by the director – Andrew Finch.

"Card games translate so well to touch interface, and we have done that. All of the functionality that's on the PC and Mac is on here – nothing got cut or left behind", Finch explained.

What the director said was that players could start playing on their PCs and then transfer the game to their iPads. You can even interrupt the game in the middle and then continue it from the same moment on your iPad.

Now, Pokemon can be downloaded for Mac and Windows OS.

Pokemon's Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith commented that: "We do have to find that balance as marketers, because we want kids that are just coming into it to realize it's established but it's not exclusive".

According to some recent figures, Nintendo's stocks rose to 6.9 percent after Pokemon Trading Card Game's release for Apple iPad's iOS. A version of the game for mobile apps is also discussed.

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