Minecraft Launched For PS 4 and Xbox One

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Minecraft's release date which was expected at the end of August is now postponed to September. This will disappoint the players, but this is what 4J Studios said on Wednesday.

In the tweet posted this week, we saw that: "Sony found some issues we have to fix in the final test of #minecraftPS4. We're fixing, but we need to go through the process again." Knowing that, it is no wonder why the release will come in September. It is also not sure whether or not the PS Vita and Xbox One versions of the game will arrive in August as expected.

4J Studios have to fix this problem not only for this release of the game, but also for future editions of this and other titles. In the new release, transfer of worlds will be available and this is why it is important for the game to be flawless. Also, players will be able to increase the size of their worlds.

As for the skin and texture packs known from the previous releases, they will be also available in the new version. However, the Marvel skin packs make an exception because of the licensing rights.

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