Star Wars: Commander Released For iPhone And iPad

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Star Wars: Commander is the new game available for mobile apps. With the upcoming release of Episode VII to cinemas in 2015, this is expected to be one of the most wanted games on the market.

The new combat strategy game was released on August 21. The players have to build a base and protect it from enemies. Also, players will attacks their enemies to win the Galactic Civil War. In the game, players may be fighting on the side of the Rebellion or the Empire. You will experience stories from Episodes IV, V and VI, but also, there will be some new adventures.

Disney Interactive's Executive Producer and Vice President of Operations Nathan Etter commented that: "We're not attempting to retell the story of the movies, but to tell some side-stories of things that were going on in this period, bringing some new things to light about what was happening in the Star Wars universe, on Tatooine, and eventually on other planets".

The game is free to play. However, you can by additional crystals to make your development faster.

The game will be available at the Apple’s App Store before being also released for the Google Play market.

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