PlayStation France announces the release of Minecraft for PS4

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The popularity and domination of Minecraft have been indisputable ever since this brick-based adventure game was officially released in 2011. This Mojang's title is available on nearly any existing gaming platform, and still its fans are eager to acquire every single version of it, starting from console and ending with mobile if possible. Nevertheless, it is known that certain territories have not yet been alleged by Minecraft, but that is about to change, even sooner that fans expect.

It was announced that the PS4 version of Minecraft was being prepared for release after the accidental appearance of the digital version on the mobile PlayStation store. The retail price of the digital version was $20, however, any time fans attempted to purchase a copy, they were led to an error page. Soon after PlayStation France discovered the mistake, they confirmed that Minecraft will become available for this platform as well on 3rd of September.

Unfortunately, the French publisher did not mention if there will be any physical copies of the game for PS4 released along with the digital version. What is more, it is not clear whether the digital release is only meant for the French market or if it will be available for gamers from other countries too.

In addition, it seems rather odd that Sony do not have a well-prepared announcement for the release. After all, Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. Still, the confirmation of the release date came from PlayStation France's Twitter account. There is a great chance that Sony are putting something together at the moment, or someone simply slipped up.

Whatever the case, fans should be happy that Minecraft is steps away from the next-gen and that they will be able to enjoy their favorite game in one more way. There was a moment when it was not certain whether Minecraft will make it to the platform. That was when 4J Studios reported having problems with the certification process. Luckily, that is all in the past now as the issues have been worked out.

The Xbox One version of Minecraft is experiencing similar problems as it is also trying to make its way through Microsoft's certification process. However, they should be able to sort them out soon as the Xbox version should be released before the end of the year. When this happens, it will be Nintendo's platforms that will be left unclaimed by Minecraft.

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