Microsoft Continues Supporting Minecraft For PS3 And PS4 Consoles

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It has been confirmed that Microsoft will not remove Minecraft PS4 and PS3 in case that the company buys Mojang. The company can be bought for $2 billion and lately it has been announced that Microsoft is interested in the purchase.

The rumors about the forthcoming purchase made Minecraft fans think that Microsoft will launch the title only for its own platforms Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, it turns out that there is no need of such thoughts, as Microsoft does not have these intentions. This is what Microsoft says: “Microsoft will keep the game available for rival products.” Also, fans of the title will be happy to know that the developer 4J continues working on the PS Vita version of the game.

Rumors say that after the purchase is official, Mojang's founder Mark Persson will leave his position. Some people may be really sorry to hear that, as he has had a really important role for the company and for Minecraft itself.

Last year, Persson said that “We have no plans to sell the company because Minecraft prevails because of the freedom that we have in decision making.” However, the situation has changed and now the purchase is on its way. Still, the transfer will not affect the successful game Minecraft.

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