Xbox One Released In China

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Today Microsoft made Xbox One consoles available in China. This is the first time the company places its devices on the Chinese market. The reason why this has not been done earlier is the 14-year ban in China which did not allow such devices to enter the market.

The official arrival of Xbox One in China was actually delayed with one week, as the China government was in the middle of making an investigation of Windows OS used on most computers in the country. It seems that the government was worried about the wide use of the system on almost every PC and wanted to prevent monopoly.

The console first made its way to Shanghai, where more than 30 limited edition consoles were sold on the first day. The consoles had the price of $699 (4,299 yuan) and the store stayed open after midnight due to the huge interest. For those who want to have the basic console edition, it can be purchased for $602 (3,699 yuan).

Still, this price is higher compared to other countries in which the console is available. For example, in the USA the basic Xbox One set is sold for $400.

Moreover, only 10 games are available with the release of the console. This is not a pleasant surprise to fans of the console who expected it for such a long time. According to Microsoft, 70 games are planned to be launched in China. Still, most of the titles which are available are racing titles or puzzle games.

It is surprising that one of the most popular titles at the moment - "Call of Duty", has not been released for China. Probably, this is due to the fact that all games are inspected by authorities in China to make sure they are suitable for the audience.

As we can see, Fans of the console in China can expect more additions to the new release and wait to see for the new games which will be available.

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