Viking Squad Hits PlayStation 4 Next Year

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Viking Squad was announced last Friday on the PlayStation Blog. The new title from Slick Entertainment is expected to be released in 2015 for PC and PS4. For those who are impatient to see more about the upcoming title, its trailer was released at the end of the previous week.

Developers of Viking Squad explain that in the new game four different vikings are presented. All of them have their own armor and combat skills. In accordance to the gear chosen for each viking, the abilities he has in combat change.

"Gameplay in Viking Squad is similar to your average beat ‘em up, but also differs in a few ways. Players can choose from four vikings, each with their own special weapon and move set. Characters can level up and equip different gear, improving their effectiveness in combat and how long they can last on a voyage," says Senior Designer Caley Charchuk about the essence of the game.

Charchuk also explains that in the game players are taken on a voyage across the sea and on the other coast they raid their enemies for supplies. Players have to win with their army and then return to rearm the warriors and go to another raid for more supplies. Any valuables you steal from your enemies are given to the vikings' leader.

Without any doubt, this new strategy game attracts the attention of players and it is something that is definitely worth waiting for.

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