Skullgirls Encore To Be Released Next Year

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Skullgirls Encore's release is expected to come in 2015. This is something new to those who expect the new title, as its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita releases were scheduled for 2014.

The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog Europe and was later confirmed by the US PlayStation Blog. The reason for the delay is that the developer Lab Zero Games wants to make a better upgrade for the game.

Some details about the upcoming title were also shared in the post. In the game, players will meet Eliza, a "diva with a dark secret," and Beowulf. Eliza will come for free to those who own the game for the first three months. Then, the playable character will be available for purchase.

As for Beowulf, he is a wrestler with his own abilities and will use different strategies and weapons in his attacks. "Similar to Ms. Fortune, Beowulf will also have different attacks depending on whether or not he has his chair with him. And, finally, Beowulf will be able to power himself up by exciting the crowd," we can read in the PlayStation Blog post.

Still, players have to wait a little longer to see themselves the new characters and try their unique skills in battle.

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