Hudson Entertainment Dates Omega Five For Xbox Live Arcade

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Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm of Hudson Soft, today announced that Omega Five for Xbox LIVE Arcade will be available to consumers on January 9, 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points. Published by Hudson and developed by Natsume, the game is an entirely new original IP featuring a side-scrolling shooter set in a gorgeous 3D environment.

Taking place in a far-flung future, Omega Five delivers hardcore action never seen before on the platform, while providing visually stunning graphics that pushes the limits for a digital download game. The game is set in multiple 3D environments and features incredible special effects and enormous battles, all in high definition. Omega Five is distinct in that players can choose from multiple humanoid characters, each with their own unique special attacks and upgradeable weapons, which they can shoot in 360 degrees. Omega Five also includes a local co-op function so a friend can join in on the aerial mayhem.

Hudson also released details on the final playable character. R.A.D. is another of Omega Five’s unlockable warriors and is very similar to Ruby. Her skintight suit allows her to move much more quickly than Ruby, letting her weave through waves of enemy fire, though it also slows down her aiming.

. Weapon Type A: Vulcan Laser Cannon - R.A.D.’s initial weapon blasts enemies with rapid-fire laser beams. As the weapon is upgraded, the rate of fire increases, allowing her to unleash a non-stop barrage of laser fire.
. Weapon Type B: Reflecting Laser Beam - R.A.D.’s second weapon is a continuous laser beam that allows her to cut a swath of destruction through lesser enemies. Upgrades increase the power of the beam, splitting it in two, which also reflect off of certain surfaces. This lets R.A.D. attack enemies from around corners.
. Weapon Type C: Lightning Gun - Her final main weapon is a high-intensity lightning gun that roasts enemies. Upgrades increase the power, letting R.A.D. slice through enemies at will, as well as adding secondary lightning bolts that shoot out from the main beam at nearby enemies, doing incremental damage.
. Alternate Attack - R.A.D. has one alternate attack, which sends out satellite that can instantly destroy lesser enemies or anchor onto stronger enemies. After the satellite latches onto an enemy, it deals continuous damage, and R.A.D. is still able to fire in any direction.  Additionally, while the satellite is floating around R.A.D., it can block enemy fire.
. Dimension Field - All characters can quickly teleport to another dimension for a brief time, allowing them to avoid enemy attacks, though at the expense of a small amount of life.
. Ultimate Burst - All characters can unleash an enormously destructive nuke-like attack, after having collected at least 100 p-chips (the pink triangles that appear after defeating enemies) to fill one p-jail (the golden triangles at the bottom left of the screen).

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