Video Game Tax Threatens Wisconsin Gamers and Industry

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Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Waunakee) has proposed a tax on video games and game consoles, the proceeds of which will go to rehabilitate juvenile criminals!

Yes, you read that correctly. This State Senator has essentially proposed a one-percent "sin tax" on video games, similar to taxes on alcohol and tobacco products, on top of the local five-percent sales tax. This proposal has caught the attention of the entire game community and it has been covered in many publications, including Ars Technica(

VGVN members in Wisconsin are sending letters to Senator Erpenbach and their state senators to urge them to not support this video game tax proposal, but you can help too!

Help prevent this dangerous precedent from being set, and tell your friends and family in Wisconsin to take action!

Not only is it unconstitutional to target video games and then burden video game enthusiasts with a "sin tax" (What about movies, books, and music, Senator?), but it also makes no sense since video games have nothing to do with juvenile crime.

It is a well-known fact that as video games have soared in popularity the national juvenile crime rate has dropped dramatically.

Moreover, the tax would stunt an industry that is growing in Wisconsin at over 11% per year and contributes more than $23 million to the state economy. The tax would hurt the hundreds of Wisconsin citizens whose jobs depend on the Wisconsin video game industry.

Tell your Wisconsin friends and family to send a letter to their state senator! Spread the Word! FTW!

 Wall of Protest Highlights
The Wall of Protest Against Video Game Regulation features video game enthusiasts from across the nation and the world. The Wall raises awareness and displays the passion behind this issue from both within and outside of the video game community.

Make your Picture Protest today and become part of the Wall of Protest!

Featured Wisconsin Voice For Video Games:

The VGVN features written testimony from thousands of members who have stated why video games need to remain free of government regulation. Since a new threat has emerged in Wisconsin, we’re featuring Ralph from Madison, WI, a gamer and parent writes:

"I am 48 years old. I’ve been playing video games since the old atari and intellivision systems came out. I have two daughters, 11 and 12, and I bought them game systems. I do not let them watch or play anything that is deemed adult (ie:xxx)They understand that, I also have blocks on my puter so they can’t go to certain sites, however, video games aren’t like those sites. I as a consumer buy the games for my children and I am well aware of what they should be playing, but to regulate the game industry is wrong...."

        * Read More from Ralph D. (
        * Read Other Wisconsin Voices (
        * Raise Your Voice (

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