Atlus Announces Epic Fantasy Strategy RPG Rondo of Swords for Nintendo DS

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Atlus U.S.A., Inc., a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced Rondo of Swords, a
fantasy strategy RPG for the Nintendo DSTM.  Cleanse the sacred blade, protect the princess, and vanquish
the oppressing armies of your enemy on your quest to deliver the Kingdom of Bretwalde from tyranny! 
Rondo of Swords is currently scheduled to release on April 15th, 2008.
For more on Rondo of Swords, please visit the official website:
About Rondo of Swords
The King of Bretwalde is dead.  His passing, both unexpected and unusual, leaves the kingdom in distress. 
As one realm mourns, another readies for war; the Grand Meir Empire, intent on conquering the world,
prepares to strike the empty throne.  Taken by surprise, the army of Bretwalde collapses under the vicious
assault, and the capital city of Egvard is quick to fall.  Only Spanta, the sacred blade, can spare the kingdom
of its fate. Free it of its curse and restore honor and peace to the land!
Key Features
•Unique combat system – Use route maneuvers to hit all enemies in your path and enhance your attack or
defense.  Manage your Momentum Counter to gain stat bonuses and control who your enemies target!
•Deep party management system – With the Errand System, you have the option to send idle party members
off to run errands or go on quests to level up on their own, which will become crucial to your party’s survival in
later stages.
•Customizable skill options – Skills are not just skills, but dynamic strategic devices that you choose to build
or not.  Use skill points to either buy more skills or strengthen what you have!
•Multiple storylines and endings – Your decisions will affect the course of the game, determining the character
you become and the ending you’ll receive.
Rondo of Swords has not yet been rated by the ESRB

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