Puzzle Guzzle Demo Available Now

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Agetec, Inc. today announced a demo of their upcoming puzzle game, Puzzle Guzzle, for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system.  The demo is available now as a featured download in the PLAYSTATION®Store (http://store.playstation.com).

Puzzle Guzzle is expected to triangulate its way onto store shelves later on this month. The game features three highly addictive puzzle modes and over ten original gameplay styles. Giving players the ability to upgrade and customize their in-game personalities, Puzzle Guzzle is a refreshing take on the cliché-ridden puzzle genre. Unlike most solitary, brain-twisting titles, Puzzle Guzzle inspires people to come together by combining their love for enigmatic games with the recent social networking craze. Players are given the chance to exchange game profiles and send other players feedback on their stats via the PlayStation Portable’s infrastructure mode. Additionally puzzlers are encouraged to create and share their own unique puzzles while on the go.

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