Running With Scissors Shakes Up

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After a brief period during which the site shut down its lively-but-rowdy forums, the legendary POSTAL sounding board is back up and better than ever. “We are welcoming fans to come and take part,” promised Jon Merchant, who has spearheaded the reconstruction of the boards without the flame wars and inappropriate content that kept many of the more mainstream fans away.

Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi was delighted to have his interface with the fans restored. “With a franchise like POSTAL, where the community is at the heart of our success, it’s just not acceptable to have the forums abused by people who are there to alienate everyone else. That’s all over.”

The forums also boast a revamped layout with news updates from all corners of the POSTAL Universe. “It’s a new year and a fresh start,” Merchant declared, with the boards offering the latest news on POSTAL III, the “Postal” movie the upcoming POSTAL 2 Multiplayer Patch by Mod legend Kamek and abundant information on available maps and modifications as well as where they can be downloaded.

“We encourage fans and curious individuals to drop by and share your thoughts on the POSTAL movie, the various POSTAL games and, of course, the Postal Babes,” Merchant urged. “The forums also make an excellent place to post any modifications or artwork you’ve created based on the various POSTAL products.”

“We’ve always been about Vox Populi,” remarked historian Desi. “The Voice of the People is the one voice we’ve listened to for ten years now and there is no way we’re going to stop now.”

For more information on the upcoming POSTAL Movie, Postal games and gear, as well as updates on the development of POSTAL III visit our new expanded site and be sure to visit for in-depth coverage of the RWS scene.

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