NFLAVOR Corp. partners with NIKITA.ONLINE to bring Rappelz to Russian speaking audience!

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NFLAVOR Corp and NIKITA.Online today announce partnership on fantasy-based MMORPG “Rappelz”. According to the signed agreement between NIKITA.Online and NFLAVOR Corp the first Russian operator and publisher of online games becomes an exclusive official distributor and publisher of “Rappelz” in the territory of Russian Federation.

“It is very assuring to be a partner with NIKITA.Online, which is competitive and excellent company in this territory,” said Seung Hyun Park, CEO of NFLAVOR.Corp. “Rappelz has proved its attraction of raising Creatures and fantastic graphic through service in 7 countries over the world. We will do the best to localize Rappelz so that possible to meet Russian players in very near future.”

“Our partnership with NFLAVOR Corp. will provide Russian speaking audience an opportunity to travel the expanses of one of the biggest game universes in the world. We really hope that Russian players will like unique PvP system, which includes as clan wars, so and almost unlimited single battles,” said Stepan Zotov, CEO of NIKITA Online.

Rappelz is a free to play MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world with features designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore players. Translating from French “Rappelz” means “Summon,” so the Creature System is one of the main features of the game. Rappelz comes with extensive lists of quests, characters customization with a deep job system and fighting with the support of pets tamed from various parts of the Rappelz world. All the tamed pets can be leveled up with their own talent and job skills. For more information about Rappelz in Russia, please, visit .

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