European Games Rental Expanding Rapidly

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The UK’s leading postal movie rental service, LOVEFiLM, has announced another gaming partnership with Ubisoft to promote Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The previous year’s partnership between the two companys over Assassin’s Creed reportedly saw huge success, and this continuation is expected to help the rental company’s games division grow.

Dionne Georgiou, LOVEFiLM’s advertising manager, said "Assassin’s Creed was a fantastic title to work on as our first major games promotional activity as it was such a highly anticipated next generation title.

"Games rental demand continues to grow monthly, and is really reaping the rewards of the success of the Wii - which has appealed to all ages and sexes - and the PS3 as a Blu-ray player, especially given the latest win in the hi-def industry. We’ve also recently increased our choice by adding DS titles to our offering, and have launched a new beta homepage for games on the site this month which we’re improving all the time."

He also feels this new partnership will prove equally beneficial for all involved:

"Firstly, it’s a fantastic title and part of a very successful franchise. Secondly, we know that the theatrical design, story and exciting gameplay will appeal and draw in fans of action and adventure titles - the Tom Clancy synergy with films is definitely something that we can build upon.

"Games are a very important part of our business and an important offering to our users. We intend on continuing this development and evolving our games offering and content further."

This news comes as another postal games rental company, WhyBuyGames, announces its plans to include BluRay movies in its typicalyl games-only service. It suggests the seven-fold leap in BluRay player sales (including the PS3 console) since Toshiba’s HD-DVD format lost the high definition race, is what’s prompted it to seek investors and expand the business to include this new format.

Although the Sony console still has a long way to go before it catches up with the better established Xbox 360, many industry insiders are predicting that the success of the BluRay format will bring the PS3 back into public interest.

Ever since the BetaMax and VHS format wars of the early ’80s, the potential for rental opportunities are always at their highest during transitional phases, as the consumer is often wary of spending money on an unestablished format. Early adopters of HD-DVD are now acutely aware of this, and the lesson apparently hasn’t gone unlearnt by BluRay fans - despite the format currently appearing to have finished first.

In the meantime, the flood gates are open for the rental companies willing to step in and help the consumer sample the new format and remove the risks involved in purchasing expensive new games. While DVD movie rentals rapidly dwindle, the new BluRay format and games opportunities are apparently on the rise.

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