Let the Dance Battle Begin – Free downloadable dance game to hit the UK

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We’ve seen Beyonce boogey across the dance floor and watched Justin Timberlake twirl around the stage, but would we dare do that in front of our own friends? Now with the help of the UK launch of the down loadable computer game, Dance Battle Audition, you can, without having to embarrass yourself.

Dance Battle Audition is a dancing game that you can download to your PC for free. You can play it on your own or compete online against others. It is already the most popular online casual dance game in the world, with over 300 million playing it in China and South East Asia, America and India. Its success in South Korea has even led to a weekly TV show, musical and actual fashion mall. The game is very different from the most online role-playing games, which are predominantly fighting games for boys, and is most popular among girls and women aged 14-34.

It is likely to be compared with "Radio Station" based on community. You can listen to music and compete with others by playing game at the same time. Talks are currently taking place with Sony Universal and EMI to extend the range of music played.

It is really easy to play, much easier than trying to dance with your own feet, all you need is the arrow keys and the spacebar. Players select and customize their own characters to suit their own tastes, choosing from a variety of clothes and hairstyles. They have the chance to compete on 9 different stage sets and have over 45 levels to contend with to achieve the ultimate status of King or Queen of the dance floor.

To mark the UK launch of Dance Battle Audition, G10 Entertainment, the games creators, are touring the country with a special bespoke pink tour bus, which no one unless they are colour blind could miss. It is fitted with computers and plasma screens and Audition experts on hand to train DBA novices how to dance with their fingers.

Dance Battle Audition is an incredibly addictive game that young people will love to play and is soon set to take the UK’s free online gaming community by storm, so rather than limber up your legs, just flex your fingers and get ready to make some mean moves on the dance floor.

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