Hayao Nakayama Returns To Attack Europe With Virgin PLAY

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Hayao Nakayama, former President of Sega Enterprises, during the 80’s and 90’s boom years of Sega Coin Op, Master System and Megadrive, has made a personal investment in Virgin Play S.A. via his venture capital company, Amuse Capital Inc.

In recent months, Virgin Play has engaged in high profile licensing activities for its publishing off shoot V.2Play, with the signing of Real Madrid Interactive rights for several years including online community and mobile versions, and Pocoyo and Lola & Virginia, both very high profile internationally distributed children’s cartoons. It also has an exciting cluster of home grown IP’s led by Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come on PC and Mind Your Language on Nintendo DS.

The investment of Hayao Nakayama represents a turning point for the company in both giving Virgin Play access to the lucrative Japanese market.

Virgin Play SA President Tim Chaney said “It is a great opportunity for Virgin Play to work with Hayao Nakayama. The word ‘legend’ is over used in this business but Mr. Nakayama truly deserves the accolade. I have known him for over 20 years and I am never less than bewildered by his business acumen. We see clearly the expansion of our business in Japan and throughout Asia and welcome the incremental high profile business we can achieve with the titles to be collected through Mr. Nakayama’s good connections and intelligence network in the industry.” www.v2play.com

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