A New DS at E3 2008??

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According to Japanese magazine publisher Hirokazu Hamamura, this could be entirely possible.

Hirokazu Hamamura, telling a reporter from Bloomberg Japan, that the current DS is insufficient compared to the PSP, and that as its translated from Japanese to English, he calls it the "new version"

Though according to the website when they contacted Nintendo about the new DS, they were told "they couldn’t speak about it at the present time"

Since there doesn’t seem to be a denial, and the fact that Mr. Hamamura spoke about the "new version" as if he has seen it and states within the article that the performance is better, it would be our guess that its out there but of course its all hush-hush for now. If this holds water, we are assuming that it will be revealed at Nintendo’s Press Conference before E3 officially starts.

Keep tuned to GDN about this story..

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