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On August 12, when the all-new NFL Head Coach 09 becomes available in retail stores as part of the special Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, consumers will discover an entirely redesigned NFL Head Coach game that will offer a complete NFL coaching experience. With deep strategic game planning features, NFL Head Coach 09 will place you in the coach’s seat, allowing you to scout the opponent, build playbooks, and develop a team that will adapt to the philosophy and system of your NFL franchise. The authenticity and depth of NFL Head Coach 09 is unrivaled; yet its reinvented design will allow you to navigate through the game with ease.

The in-game NFL Draft feature creates an authentic rendition of the NFL’s biggest off-season event. As the head coach, you’ll have the opportunity to draft your next superstar, trade up or down and receive draft pick suggestions from your coaching staff. You will have access to an extensive amount of information, but it’s up to you to make decisions that could create a dream franchise!

The heat is on as you negotiate contracts and make crucial choices about free agents and trades. You will be under pressure as the seconds tick away on the live clock while you attempt to execute on decisions that you believe are in the best interest of your franchise.

Because a coach’s playbook is fundamental to a team’s success, in NFL Head Coach 09 you will be able to build your own customized playbook with "Play Creator". Play options are endless, as you will have the ability to create customized plays step-by-step. Your personal playbook will automatically be available in your profile when you load Madden NFL 09 and you can even share plays with users online.

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