Mario Treats New Yorkers to Free Cab Rides

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Video game icon Mario treats unsuspecting New Yorkers to a free cab ride. Mario is in New York to promote Mario Kart® Wii, the new Nintendo racing game that features Mario and all of his Mushroom Kingdom buddies. Hes helping commuters race through the city before they get racing with Mario Kart Wii.


Mario Kart Wii launches April 27 and will be packaged with the Wii Wheel accessory, which lets players control the action on the screen just like they were steering a real car. The game also introduces a host of new courses, vehicles and eye-popping battle arenas, plus the ability to compete online with drivers from around the world using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection.




Mario, everyones favorite Italian plumber, and excited (and grateful) New York commuters



  Thursday, April 24
    8-10 a.m. and 12-2 p.m.


  Sheraton Hotel

811 7th Ave., between 52nd and 53rd streets.


  • Mario hailing down cabs for New York commuters
  • New Yorkers queuing up for a free cab ride
  • Mario costumed character
  • Mario Kart Wii game play b-roll available
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