Agetec’s Game That Breaks All The Rules, Breaks All The Rules of Retail

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Agetec, Inc today announced that LOL, its hilarious multiplayer title for Nintendo DS™, will not be on shelves at standard brick and mortar stores, and will only be available for purchase online.

“We love LOL, and think it’s a completely unique game, however we think it’ll be tough to sell into the retailers. So we decided to release it exclusively online. Hopefully it catches some attention like Electroplankton did.” said Hiro Fukuoka, producer at Agetec. “LOL will be available through on the day of its release, and we’re currently looking for an online retailer to do exclusive pre-orders with.”

LOL is played by one of the players making a challenge in writing to the others. The crazier the challenge, the more fun everyone will have. The person who delivered the challenge chooses an appropriate time limit, and everyone has to answer the challenge on their touch screen however they see fit – with words, pictures, or whatever comes to mind. The host reveals the answers, and everyone votes on a winner who will then decide on the challenge for the next round. Always different and a blast to play every time, LOL will, as its name implies, make everyone laugh out loud.

LOL will be available for purchase on May 30 for $19.99, and is certain to become a rare tile. For more information, please visit

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