The epic “Lost Odyssey” experience expands with all new DLC

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New downloadable content is now available to help continue your immortal quest with Kaim and his companions in “Lost Odyssey”, the epic RPG Xbox 360 exclusive. Available on 25th April for only 200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, this DLC includes a new dream sequence, “The Shattered Beyond” and an invaluable “memory lamp,” which allows you to view previously seen dreams. Also, a new ring is introduced to specialize in fighting against magic powered weapons.

New Dream “The Shattered Bond”
o When all of the playable characters have joined the player party, visit the bridge (a demolished bridge) in front of Castle of Uhra with this item in possession. Then the event cut-scene to view episode 31 “The Will of an Old Soldier” will be triggered.

• Ring “Killer Machine”
o This is a special ring forged to specialize in fighting against Magic-Powered weapons.
o The ring will apply the following three effects:
 Machine Killer Light LV3
 Magic Killer Light LV3
 Spirit Magic Killer Light LV3

• Valuable “Memory Lamp”—
o This is a key item for Theater Mode that allows users to view Dreams. You can find this in the Upgraded Nautilus towards the bottom of the screen to the end of the corridor.

• An Old Soldier’s Legacy & “An Old Soldier’s Legacy” unlock
o This is an example of how the main hero Kaim experiences flashback from the things he sees or hears in the game.

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