Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Website Updated With Podcasts, Free Pirate and Ninja Tracks

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Gamecock Media Group announced today that the website for Blazing Lizard’s masterpiece, Pirates vs. Ninjas™ Dodgeball, has been seriously upgraded over at www.piratesvsninjas.com.

Market research shows that all dodgeball enthusiasts, pirates, and ninjas own MP3 players. Upon hearing this information, Gamecock realized it needed to act quickly to get these demographics exactly what they demand: free stuff to download.

The first result is four podcasts, one for each team. Some describe these podcasts as avant-garde, or even Web 3.0. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

The second is four free songs – two ninja tracks from deeply underground stealth assassin DriftingNSilence and two pirate songs from sea shanty masters Sharks Come Cruisin’. These songs can be unlocked by sending the site to a fellow ninja or pirate. Download and listen to ‘em as much as you like!

There are also fresh game assets on the site such as new screenshots and previously unreleased character concept art. As always, there is a sweet collection of desktop wallpapers and IM buddy icons. And for the laziest of the lazy, the site gives you a direct link to the best Facebook “battle app” of all time, “Pirates Vs Ninjas”.

Get everything now at www.piratesvsninjas.com. The game is coming to Xbox LIVE® Arcade in mid-Spring 2008.

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